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6 tips to get married without regrets

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While we idealize this famous day when we will say yes for life, we must believe that the reality is less rosy. The proof, 82% of women would be disappointed with their marriage. Here are 6 tracks to dig to regret nothing.

According to a study by jeweller Vashi Dominguez *, more than 3/4 of women would like to backtrack to change the course of their marriage, and only 18% of women are satisfied. To have no regrets of this special day, here are 6 tips to consider.

6 tips to get married without regrets

  • The witness’s speech

The figure: More than 50% of women disappointed with the groomsman’s speech.

The problem: Ah, the best friend. A key-person of the ceremony and he (unfortunately) takes his witness role very much to heart. Of course, he has prepared a speech in which he retraces the greatest moments of friendship shared with your husband (and scrolls the list of all his ex, tells their nightlife, shows pictures of you as a teenager …). Apart from them, nobody understands anything. Not only does it make you feel uncomfortable, but it also sets the mood. It’s even worse if they are several. 

The solution:  Orchestrate yourself the “surprise”. Take the reins and ask (finally, impose) a song, a lip dub or anything else that will prevent the assembly to interfere too much in your privacy.

  • The wedding dress

The figure: 32% of women today hate their wedding dress choices. 

The problem: Everything will be perfect … You already see yourself splitting the crowd in your beautiful, immaculate dress, an it from the spring-summer 2019 season. Except that. In 10 years, when you go out your photo album, it will have the same effect as the peach skin Juicy Couture 90s (and again, you could sell it at gold prices today).

The solution: Do not let go too much when choosing the wedding dress. Avoid the choice of originality, you may regret in a few years (or in a few months). Turn to a safe bet, a timeless classic.

Wedding hairstyle and bridal makeup

The figure : 38% of women admit that their choice of make – up and hairstyle no longer suits them.

The problem: You go to your hairstyle with a specific image in mind but it has a better idea. As this is a special occasion, your friend hairdresser even offers to make your makeup and your manicure, a French square totally out of fashion. Peacock feather in the hair, carmine mouth, smoky eye, she will give everything! And what to do not to vex his talent as an artist …

The solution:  The too-much? This is the mistake not to commit. Leave the glitter to the guests and opt for lightness. Take care to opt for a fresh and timeless look to admire for a long time during family photo nights. Ditto for the last minute coloring: to avoid. The idea is not to be transformed into another woman, but to remain oneself and to sublimate one’s personality.

  • Wedding photos

The figure: More than 30% of women are disappointed with their wedding photo albums. 

The problem:  Your cousin Justine wants to become a photographer and everyone (exclusively her parents) praises her pictures. Bingo! She will take care of the wedding photos and the album for three times nothing. This is good because between the dress, the caterer, the room … The budget was starting to be tight . Except that in 10 years, these photos will be all that you have left of this important day. And Justine did not yet know how to make the settings on her brand new camera offered by her parents for the occasion.

The solution:  Save money on other items, such as wedding shoes that will not be visible under your beautiful dress anyway. As for a professional photographer, there is no question of ignoring it. Think of the beautiful photos that you will proudly show to your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren …

  • The bouquet of flowers

The figure: More than 17% of women regret their choice of flowers and wedding bouquets. The problem: At the time, you loved the flowers of colours and you found that it gave a little color to the room. But once your rainbow period has passed, you find that blue roses are in bad taste. Too late. You only see that in the photos. Avoid too large vases center table, dangerous after alcohol consumption without moderation.

The solution: If you have the means, entrust the floral decoration to a professional. Otherwise, avoid risks and stay sober.

  • The engagement ring

The figure: 39% of women would like to change their engagement ring. 

The problem: He knelt down, took out the box from his pocket, looked you in the eyes and … you do not even remember what he said so much you were focused on the engagement ring. You return all his gifts since the first day, but how to make him understand without making him feel that he was wrong once more?

In the momentum of romanticism, you pretended to adore it and you told yourself that you would end up loving it because it is the symbol of your love. Except that every time you meet a woman with the ring of your dreams on your finger, you want to tear it off.

The solution:  Do you feel that the marriage proposal is approaching? Put it on the track “I love the ring of Kate Middleton”  left to go bluntly. To be sure to get the ring of your dreams, you can talk to his best friend (after what he will do for you during his wedding speech, he owes you that!).

* Study conducted on 1000 women in the United Kingdom.