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Four Breakfasts on the Go

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Get-up-and-go foods rev up your family to launch the day with nourishing vigor.

Breakfast perks up your metabolism, wards off midmorning snack attacks, and even boosts performance, creativity, and memory. Breakfast skippers tend to have a higher percentage of body fat than those who eat a meal at day’s beginning. So heed the wake-up call and give your family a healthy start with these easy eats.

No-Cook Fruity Oatmeal
In-a-hurry moms can fix old-fashioned oats in a new-fangled way. Pour oats in a bowl with some cinnamon, nutmeg, and brown sugar. Cover it all with a big slosh of cold milk and let it sit for 15 minutes or so. Top with fresh chopped fruit, a handful of trail mix, and a squirt of honey.

Chai-Mango Smoothie
A frosty drink will tempt rushed teens. For each smoothie: In a blender combine one 8-ounce carton vanilla yogurt, 1 cup liquid chai tea concentrate, 1 cup chopped fruit (we love mango, but bananas are great with an added drizzle of chocolate sauce), and 1 cup ice cubes. For a thicker smoothie, start with frozen fruit and/or double the ice.

Banana Breakfast Tostadas
The youngsters at home will find these fruit-and-nut temptations irresistible, plus they’ll start the day with a good serving or two of fruit. Slather wedges of whole wheat tortillas with light strawberry cream cheese (or another favorite flavor). Then top with half a banana slice, a mound of chopped fresh fruit, and chunks of nuts.

Protein-Packed Bacon-‘n’-Egg Salad
Make egg salad the night before with light mayo, light sour cream, and a dab of mustard. Add a handful of matchstick carrots, plus fresh snipped dill and chives. Cover and refrigerate. In the a.m., crisp up bacon in the microwave oven. Serve it to Dad for a burst of energy-producing protein. Bagel crisps optional.