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VASER LIPOSUCTION - VASER Lipo -Fat removal, Regional slimming
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VASER LIPOSUCTION – VASER Lipo -Fat removal, Regional slimming

Vaser liposuction is applied when accumulated fats does not get loss through doing sports.

Classical liposuction methods are no longer applied much, but thanks to Vaser liposuction, people can get rid of regional fat completely. Unlike other methods, the patient heals faster after the surgery and patients achieve a perfect appearance with a less painful process. It is one of the most applied aesthetic operations in the world. Vaser liposuction method will be the best method if you can not get rid of your fats despite trying every method.

Although it is the same as other liposuction methods, it has many advantages to compare with another methods. Fat tissue accumulates under the skin with ultrasound, liquid cells with a special sound wave that affects the fat is broken down. The fat separated from the skin and is removed by cannulae. In this way, more fat tissue at a time than the conventional liposuction method is removed.

Fat tissue taken by Vaser liposuction method can then be used as a filler in the person’s body. Excess fat from the abdomen can be used in the legs and breasts. It can be used to fill the lines on the face and fill the lips. In other words, you can get thinner and rejuvenate with Vaser liposuction.

What kind of process is waiting for those who want to have Vaser Liposuction?


Vaser liposuction can be applied to a single or multiple regions. Women’s most preferred regions are; abdomen, basin, arms and tickle areas. Vaser application can be applied to the desired area against unwanted fats. Inner legs, knees, waist and breasts you can easily make this application. If the area to be made is small, you can get rid of fat by choosing local anesthesia. General anesthesia or sedation should be performed if this application is to be performed in larger areas.

Depending on the regional situation, the Vaser application may be extended. After surgery, patients are put on a special corset, painkillers are given to make the patient’s condition more comfortable. The patient who is awakened is given his first walk in about 3 hours. It is preferable to stay in hospital for one night. The corset fitted to the patient after Vaser application should be used for approximately 4 weeks. The bruises formed are very mild and heal in a short time. During the healing process, a small amount of edema may occur in the body. As of the first week, the edema occurs and the thinning effect begins to be seen.