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Facial filling and the prices:

Facial filling and the prices
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Facial filling is the process of filling the parts with pitting on the skin. The filling is applied to obtain a fuller appearance and a more striking appearance by deep shapes extending from the nose region to the mouth and appearing in the middle of the eyebrow or filling the deep well on our face. Now a days. fillings are made by injecting hyaluronic acid. The permanence of the filling is related to the volumetric distribution of the filling and good fluidity.

Facial filling and the prices

For a period, the fillings were applied with a needle tip. Allergic reactions such as vascular blockages, skin flushing and swelling were encountered. Thanks to new technologies, these pains and complications have decreased considerably. The smooth filling prevents the bruises that may occur in the region and provides an ideal and homogenous appearance. If an effective filling is desired, the most important point is to ensure that it is homogeneous.

General Reasons for Facial Filling to be done:

Filling; is a substance that prevents wrinkles, sagging and deformations of the skin. Fillers may have permanent and sometimes temporary effects. Before filling the skin, the patient’s skin type and the patient’s expectations should be thoroughly evaluated. The filler can be injected into many parts of the body. In general, it is injected into the cheekbones against sagging of the face and the region becomes clear. In addition, fillings are applied to improve the visual appearance of the jaw, fill the lines between the eyebrows and shape the butt and hips. The filler can be easily applied to anyone except infected, breastfeeding or pregnant women. Anesthetic cream is applied to the area in which the filler will be applied.

Facial filling prices:

It is not possible to give a specific price for the fillings. For this reason, prices vary depending on the region to be filled and how much filler will be injected. There are two different methods of filling application. Hyaluronic acid is known as the healthiest method of temporary fillers and also there is permanent fillers to be used. hyaluronic acid fillers provides a smooth and natural look on your face. The material used in ant of these two cfacial filling techniques can be reason to have different prices. For example; laser, radio frequency and PRP are some of those techniques which are differ in the materials and prices, but is never on the benifits of people to use cheap materials. To avoid having big health problem these techniques must be done via experts.

The Cost of Facial Injection

The cost of a facial injection depends on the size of wrinkles from which the face suffers and the number of areas to be injected. It also varies according to the methods used in facial injection, be it Filler, Botox, body fat or sometimes, can be mixed in two different ways.

Filling injection technology costs between $ 400 and $ 800. However, Botox costs about $ 500, while the cost of an auto-fat injection is relatively higher, ranging from $ 1,000 to $ 2,000, as another procedure is performed before the injection, where the liposuction process of a specific area of the body, high density of fat, should be treated and injected into the face.