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Youthful colouring: What hair colour will help lose 10 extra years?

What hair color will help lose 10 extra years?
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Shades for blondes, fair-haired and brunettes, which will make you a real young goddess of love – Aphrodite.

Very often, women, having celebrated their 35th birthday, begin to urgently think about what to do with their appearance in order to confuse everyone in the matter of determining their age. Sometimes such experiments with rejuvenation end with the exact opposite effect, and the fault is due to incorrectly selected hair colour, which only focuses on age-related changes. Ivona will tell you how truly effectively you can rejuvenate your appearance and become known as a spectacular young diva. 

The colouring that will make you young and fresh again. Collage / Instagram

If you think that it is possible to hide wrinkles, age spots and make the complexion healthier only with the help of expensive cosmetic procedures, then it is worthwhile to slow down a little, because the right shade of hair will rejuvenate your appearance cooler and cheaper than lifts and plastics.

A universal rule for all women over 35 years old, regardless of your hair colour: to give the look a fresher look, the shade of curls should be chosen one or two lighters than natural.
Painting grey hair with dark colours of paint is left for your grandmothers this way you will only add yourself unwanted years, and blue-black is the absolute taboo for everyone except for natural burning brunettes with fair skin.

In choosing a colour for colouring, focus on the shade of the face. For example, the olive shade is in good harmony with dark blond and chestnut, and for girls with golden skin, honey tones will be extremely successful.
Dark-skinned girls can experiment with a rich chocolate range – she will make them burning young beauties. Rejuvenating colour for blondes for women 35+ who are proud of their light grey, green or blue eyes and the gentle cool shade of skin, you should pay attention to the shades of the cold blond everything except ashen.

If your skin has a golden or olive tint, then you will face “delicious” shades of cappuccino, honey, caramel and wheat. The main nuance that blondes should consider when choosing a colour is to avoid yellowness in all its manifestations, which only adds age and makes them look tired and vulgar.

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Rejuvenating colour for brunettes and brown-haired women 

Brunettes with brown, blue or green eyes, but with white or dark skin should give preference to saturated shades of dark chocolate, cocoa or coffee. If you are dealing with a similar appearance, then the main thing for you is to avoid monochrome black shades. We recommend that you pay attention to such a thing as darkening the ends of the hair. Brunettes very often encounter it when re-staining. In order for you not to feel the age-related effect of this nuance on yourself, do not overexpose the dye on your hair: 20 minutes is an absolute maximum. 

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Rejuvenating color for red 

If you are by nature a real “red beast” or a medieval witch before being burned at the stake with emerald eyes and fair skin and a scattering of funny freckles, then choose caramel, amber or golden honey shades. If you rather resemble a hot Spanish woman with dark brown eyes and copper-coloured hair, then take a closer look at the palette of dark chestnut, chocolate and coffee colours. You are absolutely contraindicated in colors of blue, ashen, which do not harmonize well with red and copper tones, focusing on all skin imperfections. 

The colours are forbidden, which only add to your age 

1. Platinum blond, which after no way overlaps with another colour. 

2. A homogeneous monochrome blond without natural overflows, which differs from your natural shade by 3-5 tones.  

3. Old-fashioned highlighting in three colours that belong to different colour schemes, for example, red + light brown + chestnut. 

4. Black and blue will not rejuvenate your age unless you are a modern interpretation of Snow White with white skin and dark brown hair.

5. Eggplant and all shades of purple, which makes the skin dull and pale. Do not fall for the tricks of fashion – choose only what really suits you.   6. Red and copper shades that emphasize such age-related changes as rosacea, redness and other imperfections.  

Let’s remember once and for all that we do not live in a fairy tale, and therefore we should not look for the source of youth in the forest thickets and in the lake depths – the correct colouring will be enough to make the complexion fresher and wrinkles less noticeable. Focus on our beauty reminder and urgently sign up to the stylist – rejuvenation is much more real than you think.