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15 winter nutrition recommendations – How can you not get cold?

winter nutrition recommendations
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In winter, the human body tends to accumulate nutrients in the waist, hips and hips. This is due to the slowing of metabolic processes and the shortening of daylight.

This does not mean that with the advent of cold you must switch to biscuits and broccoli — you can save your favourite swimsuit a few simple rules and a positive attitude to life.

Winter offer. Foods accept hot, if possible. Why cold foods (and liquids) leave the body rather quickly. As a result, nutrients simply do not have time to saturate. Hot food is much longer in the gastrointestinal tract, it has time to give all the necessary trace elements, to saturate the body evenly and to stabilize the correct blood sugar level. That’s why we consume cereals, soups (potatoes, mushrooms, vegetables), drink hot juice, fruit juice or herbal tea. All sweets that are released in the waist by another centimetre are replaced by hard vegetables and fruit, products made from coarse flour and whole grains.

How can you not get cold

Do not forget the products that supply us with tryptophan (eggs, fish, veal) — in the body, it turns into serotonin (the hormone of happiness). Also, remembers the products that should be on the table daily: garlic for lunch, green pepper (flavonoids, vitamin C), beef (tryptophan, zinc, protein, iron), rose hip, citrus, cabbage, nuts and dried fruits.

What to wear in winter? First, we protect ourselves from colds and hypothermia. Meanwhile, we put short skirts in the wardrobe and get warm underwear with stockings and a wardrobe that is properly selected for winter. Second, not to lose vigilance, clothing (and underwear) chooses a bit cramped (not proud!) — always in good shape and feeling weight gain. And of course, no depressing shades! Exceptional positive and good mood — the best helpers in maintaining a normal weight.

Moving on! Hibernating to TV under a warm blanket with a bowl of cakes is the worst scenario. The body gets used, relaxes, becomes lazy, expands. And we want to be energetic, slim and beautiful. That’s why we regularly get into the fresh air, have fun from the heart, skate and ski, throw snowballs and generally lead an active lifestyle. Moreover, winter fun is not even in summer.

How can you not get cold

Is it snowing, freezing and constantly pulling in a cafe? Choose to train for body and soul “under the roof”: fitness, swimming pool, trampoline, etc.

Water treatment. Winter is the period of spas and saunas. We serve not only mink fur coats and soups — we regularly go to the bath or sauna. In peak hours, prepare “steam” days in your private bathroom. These procedures and excess fat will go away and the toxins will remove and heat the body for a long time, and most importantly — boost your spirit. This means that stress does not have to be entertained with cakes.

Every lunch break — in the sun! As you know, the lack of sunlight is reflected badly not only in the state of the soul but also in health. Daylight is the production of serotonin in the brain whose winter deficiency leads to fatigue, weakness, increased appetite and stomach attacks. Therefore, at 3 pm after lunch, we go for a walk – we train our feet by walking, breathing air, absorbing vitamin D, increasing serotonin levels.

How can you not get cold

Now fast food! When we return home after work, we permanently ignore all the tempting advertisements, the smell of grilled chicken and the door to the hamburger kingdom, chips or spicy wings with sauces and salads. Of course, it’s excellent! Who claims — the temptation is great? But we have the task: in spring to climb up your favourite clothes and go to the beach in summer, not in the small cliffs to the sea, wrapped in a towel on your nose, but proudly and majestically, as in fashion, enjoying admiring glances towards us.

Therefore, prepare a light snack of yogurt and fruit before killing the office door and running on the bus. Suppress the feeling of hunger. Houses don’t require pizza! Quickly light quick salad and warm-up, such as fish steak (precooked).

Whenever possible, we reject caffeine. For many people, a cup of coffee in the morning is a necessity and a pleasure that cannot be left. This cup can be left, but with a minimum of sugar and no cream. All other coffee methods per day (including cappuccino, hot chocolate, latte, etc.) are replaced using a fruit drink, kefir, fruit or green tea. Extra centimetres are added not only because of excessive calories (for example, chocolate with cream is 448 calories): excess caffeine causes the body to supplement fats.

Find a hobby for “long, winter evenings”. Do not sit in a chair, wrap a blanket in a hood, do not leave yourself on the sofa – take your hands and brain with new hobbies. Expand horizons and thrive (which is not) and less time for the next dessert plate. Embroider pictures, draw, write fairy tales, make souvenirs, solve crossword puzzles – don’t spare time for laziness. See also: How to find a hobby?

Learn to dance! Already can? Do you dance regularly? You can skip this item. And for those who want