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Breast Reduction Surgery:

breast augmentation
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Breasts are one of the most special parts of women’s body.since the early existence of humans, breasts is among one of the female attractions. Apart from the beauty of women’s appearance, it’s a mean of mother’s reproductive system. Women are willing to have ideal size of breasts because it counts as a women’s body beauty. Both having large or small breast is a reason to complain for some ladies. Breast reduction surgery allows women whose breasts are larger than normal size to have the desired size of breast.

It is not possible for every woman to have breasts with the desired size. Some women have large breast sizes. This size is tolerable to a certain degree. However, abnormal sizes reduce the quality of life of women. Women who have not yet met breast reduction surgery have difficulty living with large breasts. Possible problems for women are:

• Inability to choose clothes due to body and chest mismatch

• Pain in the hand and back due to weight

• Bra straps cause injury due to pressure

• Rash occurs due to high contact with body

• Difficult to do sports like running, tennis, volleyball

• Gaining weight due to inactivity

Breast Reduction Surgery

Some people attribute the size and flaccidness of their breasts to immobility, not exercising or eating too much. It is believed that the prevention of these diseases will be eliminated. However, this information is incorrect. These situations are not causes, they are results. Therefore, it is not possible to achieve ideal breast size without breast reduction.

Breast Augmentation Surgery

How is breast reduction surgery performed?

The size of women’s breasts is not always the same. When these measures are evaluated, it may be decided by the expert to apply different techniques to have identical breasts. Because symmetry is very important in women’s breasts. Criteria such as age, size, breastfeeding, disease, sexual performance of women are considered during the determination of breast reduction surgery technique.uring surgery, general anesthesia is applied to the patient. Incision is made from the lower part of the breast. In the majority of the reduction operations, the nipple area cuts are not hot. The incisions are made from the bottom to prevent the loss of this ability of women who may be breastfeeding in the future and to prevent the area from losing its sensitivity to touch. However, if the age of the person who will undergo breast reduction surgery is advanced and the size of the breast is excessive, the cut is applied to the nipple area. After the cuts, the tissue in the breast is removed and transplanted.

As a result of the reduction of the nozzles, some scarring remains according to the region and the technique used.

There is no downsizing operation so that no trace remains. As a result of the reduction of the nozzles, some scarring remains according to the region and the technique used. Traces are similar to the letters T, L and I. The incisions made around the nipple do not attract attention due to the color difference of the breast area and the other region. However, the traces going down are evident. Depending on the success of the breast reduction operation, the scarring rate of the marks decreases. Traces are less visible on beautiful looking breasts. Therefore, it is necessary to work with experts and experienced people in the field.


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