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Mid Face Lift Surgery:

Mid Face Lift Surgery
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Mid-face lift surgery is performed to eliminate physical problems such as collapse, sagging and wrinkling on the face depending on age and impact. For some people, facial beauty comes in front of most things. Facial beauty gets more important as people age Because of appearing wrinkles under the eyes through aging.  

Another facial region that is affected by age-related problems is the middle face. The area extending from the lower eyelids to the top of the lip is defined as the middle face. As a result of sagging cheeks, the face begins to lose its shape. At the end of the sagging tear grooves and nose-lip grooves occur. The mid-face lift operation reduces the effect of the sagging and ensures that the face is restored.

Mid Face Lift Surgerymid before and after

Face lift techniques are varied. One of the techniques is selected according to the age of the patient and the stage of sagging. Fat injection, endoscopic midface lift, midface lift, silhouette sling and lower eyelid surgery are selected. Mid-face lift surgery is mostly suitable for middle-aged people. Because the first slice in which sagging becomes apparent is middle age. Surgery may not be necessary since sagging is not evident. In later stages, mid-face lift may be insufficient. People between the ages of 35-50, with pronounced and disturbing sagging or collapsing on their face, may have moderate swimming stretching surgery.

How is the operation performed?

First of all, general anesthesia is applied during surgery. Therefore, patients do not feel pain. An intraocular or intraoral area is selected for the operation and incisions are made. After suspending the internal tissues, the excess skin is discarded and the cuts are sutured and the operation is terminated. The mid-face lift operation ends in a maximum of 3 hours. The change at the end of the operation satisfies the patients with more. Facial sagging is possible due to facial care, feeding and aging, but it takes as long as 15 years.

Mid facelift Surgery

What Should Be Considered After Mid-Face Lifting?

Aesthetically treated patients should always take expert’ advice into account to get the most out of it. While the healing time of the patients following the recommendations is shortened, the cautious ones have to deal with various complications. The person who has undergone mid-face lift can stay in the hospital for up to 2 days depending on the condition. He is then discharged from hospital  to go home for resting.

Mid face lift Surgery

First, people who have undergone surgery should not be worried by looking for swelling and bruises on their faces. It is normal for these natural reactions to occur after each surgery. Performing heavy exercises immediately after mid-face lift will damage the face area. Exercises and activities are performed gradually by making it difficult. Sports activities should be started only after 3 weeks. Face area should be protected from sunlight. Since even sunglasses are insufficient, canopy areas should be chosen or continuous sun cream should be preferred.