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Penis Prosthesis Surgery

Penis Prosthesis Application
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Now a day, some men are facing with problems in their sexual life. From all these problems penis hardening can be mentioned which is counting as both the man and his partner’s problem. By evolving technology, men’s sexual problem can be solved through surgical interventions. There are many patient groups which are in need of surgical intervention, although patients may take preoperative pills and herbal solutions before the operation gets done. Penis prosthesis can be applied for those having health issues such as sugar related diseases, heart diseases and vein.

Penis Prosthesis Application
Penis Prosthesis Application

It is possible for individuals to experience erectile dysfunction due to some neurological diseases. Although penis erectile dysfunction is common in the middle and older age groups, it can also be seen in individuals with trauma and organic problems. There are several different methods for those who experience penis erectile dysfunction and seek a solution without surgery as mentioned below:

• Medications taken by mouth: Drugs used before sexual intercourse provides penis hardening. These drugs should be used strictly under doctor’s supervision. People who have heart surgery can also use these drugs that should be used with the advice of a doctor.

• Penis drug administration: By mouth, there are many people who cannot use drugs. This method can be used for people who cannot use medication orally. This gel-like drug should be applied by squeezing from the tip of the penis into the urinary canal.

• Shock wave therapy to the penis: Shock wave therapy that provides vascular formation has been used for years. It can be applied several times a week or every day. Polyclinic conditions are applied.

• applying vacuum device on penis: The vacuum device is attached to the penis before sexual intercourse and the penis gets hardened through applying negative pressure. This method eliminates the hardening problem for 30 minutes. The rubber band attached to the bottom of the penis should be removed within 30 minutes.

Penis Prosthesis Application
Penis Prosthesis Application

Penis Prosthesis Application:

Penis Prosthesis Application

 Applying Prosthesis is an effective method compare to other types of treatment except non-surgical treatments. The penis prosthesis placed inside the penis is inflated prior to sexual intercourse and provides sufficient stiffness for intercourse. Since it’s an irreversible process, and can be used as a last choice. The risk of infection is very low thanks to pre-operative measures. Penis prosthesis application is considered to be 90% positive on patients. You can continue your sex life after surgery with a penis prosthesis. If you inflate the prosthesis after the penis prosthesis application, the penis will remain permanently stiff.