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View before and after photos of liposuction
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As the name implies, liposuction is a surgical technique providing people a more fit image of body through liquefaction and disintegration of Fatty tissues in the fatliqours which are imposible to be removed through reginal weight loss causing by health issues. Liposuction is commonly called a fat removal operation that has been frequently used from past to the present time.

This application is generally preferred for lubrication in hip, basin, waist and knee regions. Liposuction is applied in the form of degreasing by using fine cannulas which are made more homogenous by many methods.

View before and after photos of liposuction
View before and after photos of liposuction

Before performing liposuction, a surgeon must be consulted and the appropriateness of the necessary conditions must be checked. Liposuction is an operation being done in order to removal of regional fats but not getting slim. Right after fat removal through liposuction, the body gets fit and look more aesthetic. If there is a weight problem other than regional lubrication,excess weight loss should happens through doing sports together with having appropriate diets.

Liposuction can be applied to any person who has no health problems or who has not given birth. A person who has health problems can have this application done by the expert and should be approved by a specialist . it oly helps you to get rid of excess fats in your body. In order not to get the weight has already been lost, life style and diet has to change.individuals who frequently are loosing weight may not get a desired result from this operation. Liposuction can not affects on skin sapping or cellulite in the body and just can help to relieve the regional fats of the body.


Duration of recovery after liposuction:

After the operation, the healing process is accelerated by using specially manufactured corsets. The corset to be used is worn to a certain extent according to the doctor’s recommendation that are to be taken for a a period of three or four weeks. There would be edema and bruising as a side effects of the operation but it would dissapear soon. After this application, the patient can return to normal activities within 3 or 4 weeks. Liposuction is generally applied to areas where diet and exercise do not affect. In other words, it is used in stubborn lubrications. Liposuction is the process of shaping the body lines by removing the accumulated extra fat, refining certain areas and restoring shape. Liposuction is performed as general anesthesia and local anesthesia. İn order to get the proper reslut patients are to follow doctors prescription both before and after the operation being done.

View before and after photos of liposuction
View before and after photos of liposuction

In order to do this operation, time must be taken and a lots of research must be done to get enough Informations from those are experts then decition can be made.

First of all, people should eat based on a proper diet and do regular sports before the operation. Another condition is to have fixed weight before doing the operation. Additionally, elastisity of the skin and weight of person should be under consideration.

Maximum amounts of fat would be removed through this operation has to be 4 or 5 liters from each person’s body and is not a kind of operation which helps people to get slim but is to remove the excess amount of fats from the body in certain parts to provide a more aesthetic appearance to the body.