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What is the Intermittent fasting diet?

Intermittent fasting dietIntermittent fasting diet
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Intermittent fasting is a diet that stops eating. Like all diets, the purpose is to lose weight.But fasting diet on the other hand makes the body look vigorous, healthy in a short time.There is a constructive effect on our muscles. fasting diet Dieters are also recommended to exercise at the same time. Thus, during the process of fasting occurs weight loss.

Weight loss diet: Intermittent fasting can help slimmers eat less and get into shape


Fasting diet should not eat anything at least 8 hours a day. There are different fasting diets similar to this. This diet is the source of the clergy. Here is also given snacks sometimes. This is between 4 -6 hours. time is extended and reduced to 1 meal in 3 days. That means you’re skipping meals for 2 days. When you measure between 5 days, you see how much weight you lose. You often measure the sugar level in diet intervals. When you start this diet, an odor in the mouth and stomach occurs. This time passes. You should pay attention to your body not to remain dehydrated. You can drink as much water as you wish. Your doctor will also provide information.

Clock face symbolizing the principle of Intermittent fasting
Scheme and concept. Clock face symbolizing the principle of Intermittent fasting. Vector illustration. Infographic


Fasting diet also increases the growth hormone and dinctutar the body.In the fasting diet the rate of blood insulin decreases. The risk of crisis in patients is very reduced.A fasting diet decreased the level of insulin. fasting diet slows down aging.geciktirir.Virus resistance of the body increases.Lipid and nucleic acids are not exposed to oxidative damage due to problems such as aging and disease. Carbohydrate levels in this period will be very low bread, pasta, rice, fish meat, eggs, salad, healthy foods such as olive dishes, nutty oil should return to water, soda, green tea, and can consume coffee The most important issue in the fasting diet is to stay hungry, not to keep  hungry.