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Fodmap Diet

Fodmap Diet
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What is the Fodmap Diet? Fodmap diet uses bacteria contained in the intestine as fuel, causing gas and bloating. The most common use of this diet is the use of intestinal complaints seen in this IBS patient. The Fodmap diet has achieved quite good results in these gas complaints. fatigue is also important in terms of preventing psychological pessimism.This should not be seen as a long-term program.If it is to be implemented under the supervision of a dietitian should continue the program. shal, constipation and stomach pains can be useful in such cases.This diet is recommended for 6 to 8 weeks. Fodmap diet program is continued forbidden foods, drinks. nutrition is not only to lose weight but also a method of treatment.Fodmap diet components are based on the negativity caused by carbohydrates.

Fodmap Diet
Fodmap Diet


There are some steps to be followed in the implementation of this Fodmap diet program. In this first step, your diet may last 3 to 8 weeks. All foods related to Fodmap diet should be taken. olysaccharides, fructane, galaxies, disaccharides, mono saccharides. honey apples, pears, peaches, watermelons, raisins polyols.

In the second stage, the diet may last 4-5 weeks. Breathing of the patient should be followed. Keep away from prohibited or restricted foods.

3rd stage; Personification.Formad diet is the period of adaptation to the diet.This step is very important to increase the diversity and flexibility of Fodmap diet. to bring them to the stage, then hold it in control and then activate them by strengthening these beneficial enzymes in the intestine.Therefore Formad diet should be considered not only to lose weight but also as a treatment method.


Fodmap diet is now known as the period in which individuals are accustomed to diet. The variety and flexibility of Fodmap diet  are increased at this stage. The quality of life is now increased. The process of adaptation, quality of life and intestinal health has been introduced.

Fodmap Diet
Fodmap Diet List