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The nipple becomes more pronounced in the face of conditions such as tactile causes, stress, cold and menstrual period due to the muscle layer inside the breast. There are openings in the breast tissue that allow milks passing through ducts in the breasts. Inward burial of the teat is referred to as teat burial or inverted nipple.

Embedding in the nipple occurs when the milk ducts are short and the inner muscle behind the nipple pulls. It is usually congenital or can occur during development. Sometimes these conditions may also occur due to inflammation after breastfeeding, due to breast sagging or as a result of breast cancer holding in the milk ducts.

Oncoplastic breast reconstruction

The nipple burial is limited in three ways. Light; when the nipple is squeezed, it comes forward and remains on the outside. Middle; when tip is tightened, it is more difficult to come forward but is immediately re-embedded. Next; it does not come forward with compression and remains permanently inside.

Breast Aesthetics – Global Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Nipple surgery involves different techniques. It is administered as local anesthesia or sedation anesthesia. The main purpose of nipple aesthetic surgery is to free the milk ducts without being cut or damaged. However, by tearing the ties that cause the nipple to collapse in, it is to stop the withdrawal at the nipple to be pulled forward. Nipple aesthetic surgery in mild and moderate cases without touching the milk ducts only the surgical tip can be brought forward. Because the nipple is an aesthetic situation that women cannot express much. It can be completely corrected with a small aesthetic surgery. It is a very easy and easy operation. This problem may occur in three out of a hundred women.

Breast Aesthetics – Global Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
Breast Aesthetics – Global Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Another cause of deformations at the nipple occurs during lactation. Because of the nipple burial, it is difficult for the baby to grasp the nipple and this situation causes serious difficulties in breastfeeding. For this reason, milk flow cannot be provided and breasts swell. Since there will be no aesthetic intervention during pregnancy, it will be healthier to correct and intervene in such a situation.

Nipple Aesthetic Surgery Treatment

Generally, when the surgery is performed, the parts of the nipple that cause withdrawal are treated by the release method. This operation is performed with micro-surgical intervention and special magnifying glasses. One of the most important conditions after the operation is to obtain an aesthetic image and the natural function of the nipple to continue. Likewise, the size and image distortion of the nipple can be corrected by a simple method. In such cases, local anesthesia is preferably used. After surgery, the nipple regains its aesthetic posture and maintains its normal functionality. Small and buried nipples, deformity or inequality in the breasts cause serious discomfort in patients. In these cases, plastic surgery is needed. However, preoperative symmetry of the breasts with each other, where the size of the operation of the breast, such as issues should be thoroughly determined before the intervention.