Day quite sterile love, in the sense that Pluto, the main planet of your Heaven currently, will not so much incline the lovers to show tolerance, understanding and a minimum of forgetfulness of oneself. There will also be the risk of attaching oneself to the beings we do not understand and persisting in solving problems that are clearly unresolved. Add to that the risk of conflict over money matters.


Be realistic: see the situation as it really is and not as you would like it to be. This will not be the time to make some purchases that are not absolutely essential.


Stimulated by the sun in beautiful appearance, you do not risk to retain water or fat. So you can afford to eat a little more meat than usual and go for diuretic foods. On the other hand, do not abuse condiments, spices and salt. Avoid spicy dishes and be sure to balance your meals. Do not eat too much red meat to avoid high blood pressure and cardiovascular problems.


Doped by Mars in harmonic aspect, you will not spare your efforts to succeed in your work; and you will, if necessary, defend your interests or your rights. Be careful, all the same, do not fall into aggression; to show firmness and determination is good, clumsy claims would be less effective. So, keep calm.


Relations with some close relatives will be a little tense. Try not to put oil on the fire. Make some concessions to facilitate the initiation of a dialogue. Everything will be better after.

Social life

You will hardly endure the constraints from wherever they come, with a note of annoyance for the natives of the sign and a touch of feminism for the natives. Beware of spades! Remember to put water in your wine.

Quote of the day

Make sure the candle is lit before switching off the match (Creole proverb).

Number of chances



No peremptory judgment: show enough openness to avoid unnecessary conflict.