Encouraged by Jupiter, you will make appreciable efforts to give your couple a bath of youth. You will put variety and romance into your relationships. Bravo! Single, you will like to please, seduce, and you will work your charms with conviction and brio. Thanks to the good lunar influx, you will sail on an ocean of happiness. Some natives will meet new people, powerfully attracted by young people.


The combined influence of three lucky planets will be a good boon for your material situation. You will know how to be both enterprising and intuitive, and you will not take unnecessary risks. Even if you have so far seemingly insoluble pecuniary problems, things will improve dramatically. Do not hesitate to take out a loan today to finance the real estate project that you have been caressing for so long.


Above all, you must avoid staying too sedentary, if you are required by professional activities. It is imperative that the practice of a sport compensates for this lack of physical effort. Choose swimming or outdoor walks. If possible, walk to your place of work.


Long-planned projects for this time could be delayed. Above all, do not be discouraged. Soon circumstances will be favorable again.


You will feel this time more heavily than ever on your shoulders the burden of family responsibilities. But well-fashioned Mercury will give you the courage to shoulder them valiantly. You will be convinced that, despite its constraints and disadvantages, family life often brings you profound and invaluable joys.

Social life

The planet Mercury will make you avoid certain relationships. Especially with those who will try to attract you to sects or religious congregations. The joyous and fraternal atmosphere that reigns there is misleading. Their refined brainwashing technique will eventually alienate your personality and your freedom.

Quote of the day

If the word is silver, the silence is golden (Arabic proverb).

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