Your life together could result in some disruption. You will not want to make concessions, and your spouse even less! It will be nothing serious and, if a fight breaks out, you will manage to reconcile quickly enough. But, of course, it would be best to avoid getting there. Single, thanks to the support of Venus, your rising charm and your radiant sensuality will attract attention. You will have chances today to meet someone with whom the current will pass very strong.


Delicate day financially. To mitigate the negative impact of Pluto, the only solution would be to adopt an extremely cautious behavior, to set aside every penny you will earn to be able to hold on in the most difficult days. Whatever your situation, know that it is improving.


Today you risk becoming greedy than gourmet. You will not be for the sophistication: it is the quantity which will prevail on the quality. Of course, you like good local recipes – from cassoulet to bouillabaisse to good old sauerkraut. But a salad of fresh tomatoes sprinkled with chervil, or a nice dish of potatoes with butter and parsley will also delight you. And you will not neglect the good wine, your cute sin. So, inevitably, your digestive system will eventually be weakened. Remember that “gluttony has killed more people than famine” (the Talmud).


Your power of assimilation will be surprising, and your intuition, your imagination, will do the rest. Students and students will work hard in their revisions. Journalists, as well as writers, will have a vein of inspiration that will do a great job and give a distinctive stamp to their productions.


Family responsibilities are not really what you prefer. Certainly, if you have children, you love them and you educate them with tenderness. But playing fathers (or mothers) of traditional family does not really enchant you. But that’s what you’ll have to do this time!

Social life

With Mercury badly looked, you will be inclined to be very affirmative and to give your advice to all echoes. No wonder you are too dogmatic, authoritarian and pedantic.

Quote of the day

By making you born naked, nature warns you to patiently endure the burden of poverty (Denys Caton).

Number of chances



Do not seek to lead the lives of others, even for their good.