Uranus Council: express your feelings instead of relying solely on your prestige and your qualities, which are very real, so as not to scare or discourage the one who shares your life. Single, adventure without a future, it’s not really your trip. But why not take advantage of it if it presents itself? Rest assured: love with a big A is coming soon. Everything in its time !


The financial situation should stabilize. All of you, especially those of the first decade, who have recently faced a difficult financial situation will be able to rebalance their budget.


Your physical strength will be excellent thanks to the good plutonian influx. You could very well embark on a crazy hike in the countryside or in the forest. This should do you the greatest good.


In the work, you will benefit from the excellent influxes of Saturn. Vitality, you’ll have to sell, and you’ll also have the chic to take advantage of interesting opportunities. If you want to broaden your horizons, you will take good initiatives.


Your relationship with your loved ones will once again be quite lively. If you have children, they will be active and enterprising. You will not have to worry about them. At most, it will be necessary to ensure that they relax to avoid nervousness. With your parents, you will have to make an effort so that the current can pass.

Social life

Hypersensitive, you will have more difficulties than ever to express what you feel. Result: there may be a lot of misunderstandings with your friends and professional.

Quote of the day

Truth must be inspired by practice. It is by practice that the truth is conceived. It is necessary to correct the truth according to the practice (Mao Tse-tung).

Number of chances



Be lavish with compliments and miserly critics.