Encouraged by Saturn, you will be anxious to create exemplary harmony in your life as a couple. You will seek to consolidate conjugal love, which you will definitely prefer to adventures or romances with rose water. Single, Venus in good appearance will help lonely hearts to tie, in strange circumstances or unusual places, links that can be sustainable. Do not ask yourself too many questions about each meeting! Enjoy life without constantly asking yourself what will be tomorrow.


Finance will benefit from all the good astral influences of the moment, and an unexpected cash flow will allow you to make some nice little follies.


Mercury in harmonic aspect will give you wings to heels. You will not fail to notice how you get in a hurry and run rather than walk. It is not you who will be expected but rather you who will wait for the others and train them. This spontaneous behavior, warm and a little milk soup will look very nice in the eyes of everyone!


In the work, you will be interested in staying constantly on your guard today in order to avoid the pitfalls that, under Uranus’ impulse, your opponents will give you. Your vigilance will be all the greater as your native credulity will make you more vulnerable than ever.


Saturn in this aspect will undoubtedly require you to make an effort to assume your family responsibilities. You feel that fraternity and friendship are as important as family life, but this time it will be necessary to get your loved ones before the rest.

Social life

You risk a dangerous encounter. Someone in your immediate circle will try to abuse your trust or credulity. We will mainly try to get you money. A word, hello!

Quote of the day

Doubt is the key to all knowledge (Arabic proverb).

Number of chances



In your reports, be tolerant and understanding.