Very nice day in perspective. You will not miss opportunities to distract you in two, by engaging in various common activities or by easily finding common ground in your discussions. Single, it is unlikely that this day is particularly important for the heart. Representatives of the other sex that you meet will seldom match your tastes and therefore will hardly be able to awaken in you tender feelings.


The stars will be very favorable to you in material terms. You who are not a born manager will be able to make successful transactions. You will develop very significantly your financial situation.


Neptune and Saturn will always influence your health sectors, but the good news is that they will now be much less troublesome than before. You should be in good shape. The older of you might just have a small joint problem, or have some nightmares; but it will only be temporary, of course.


With this aspect of Uranus, you will work far too anarchically, jumping from one point to another and stumbling over unimportant details, when it’s time to think big and prepare for the future.


Resist the pernicious influence of ill-mannered Neptune, which will incline you to a strong warlike mood with your family. Do not say anything, do not do anything that can cause a climate of tension in your family life.

Social life

You’ll be like the water that sleeps: quiet in appearance but bubbling inside. It will take a little spark to explode. If you play a dirty trick, you will eventually get revenge.

Quote of the day

If poverty is the mother of crime, the lack of spirit is the father (La Bruyère).

Number of chances



Remember that fear disappears into action. Act!