Are you married and happy to be married? So enjoy your marital bliss today, because Mars will seek to play the household breakers. To succeed is another story, especially if your couple is strong. Single, today you will have the impression of being under the effect of a magic power. Your emotions and thoughts may change from one hour to the next. An idyll will develop and will reserve you many messages or charming attentions. Make the most of these special moments!


Concerning your finances, you will have every interest to put a stop to your extravagances if you do not want to graze precipices! Be particularly careful this time. Indeed, your usual realism and common sense will be sorely missed. You could get caught up in risky adventures and lose big money because of bad investments.


The day will prove favorable health side. If you suffer from inflammatory disorders, they will diminish significantly thanks to Neptune’s good offices. You will be in good shape. But you will still be wary of the risks of intoxication and stomach trouble. Avoid preserves, fatty dishes, sauces raised.


Is it the extra work caused by Pluto, or the return of Saturn into your Heaven that makes you so feverish at work? In any case, you will not be at the end of your sentences, to the extent that you will be asked a lot without giving you any mark of recognition, which is not to motivate you, quite the contrary!


Destabilized by bad mercurial impulses, you will be nervous, irritable. Your relationship with your family may be disrupted. Try to dominate yourself, and especially to be tolerant, even flowing.

Social life

You will go to the evidence despite your usual cynicism: it is through loyalty and sincerity that you will really win love and friendship. Whatever you say, you would like to be able to entrust your troubles and worries to someone from time to time, even regret later.

Quote of the day

Friendship is love in the habit of a week (English proverb).

Number of chances



Quickly fix small domestic problems and plan a weekend of pure relaxation.