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See Yourself Sleeping in a Dream

seeing yourself sleeping in a dream meaning
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The actual dream can also suggest that you are being rather ignorant in a situation. To see yourself sleeping means there’s something in life that you’re ignoring. …
To have a dream of sleeping beauty means that you are thinking about your external appearance. This dream suggests that a choice will come your way.Sleeping in a deram indicates reclessness and heed lessnes.Generally sleeping in a dream is not apositive sign,excep for a person who is under the influence of fear,is duffering from from a bad time or is experiencing toughnessSleeping in a dream is an indication towards neglecting duties,fallin sick,evilness of thoughts and not being United. see yourself sleeping in a dream can indicate a violatıon of Allah’s commandment,stangnatıon or being aware of the fact that if the rules are not followed what shall be the consequences.It can alsoindicate destructıon,rising prices,murders and being unaware of certain things

See yourself sleeping in a dream can indicate that a person would go through a blissful journey,would under taka good dees and that he would be vigilant in attainting knowladge and informatıon. see yourself sleeping in a dream also inicates that a person is not intereted in the worldly pleasure and that they only care for their hereafter.The giltters of the world could not lat them go astray.


see yourself sleeping in a dream wifh faca down in dream;if one sees themselves sleeping head down in a dream they shall experience joblessness or poverty.Sleeping on the land in a deram; richness, attaining lando r property or being blessed with kids.Seeing an unmarried woman sleeping in dream;that the women will get married soon.Seeing an unjust ruler sleeping in a dream;the people who are suffering from his ujustness will get temporary relief from him.
See yourself sleeping in a dream in a graveyard in a dream;losing healrh.Such a person will fall seriously sick.İf a sick person sees himself sleeping on a grave it indicates his death.However,if a healthy person sees himself sleeping on a grave than that person will lose his job.
Sleeping on bathe back in a dream;or he is lyingstraight;it is indication of gaining power and emerging financial succesful. Dreams can be interpreted in every way. The way you are hospitalized, your psychological condition or your health plays a very important role. But the most important factor is your psychological .The most important thing here is that the interpretation of the dream see yourself sleeping in a dream must be completely good intentions OR THE DREAM would be A nightmare.